Media Information

Press Kit
Company Fact Sheet 2010
Caregiver Systems Executive Bios 
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Press Releases
Caregiver Systems Launch – Press Release
Health Care Pavilion EHX – Press Release

Aging in Place with Caregiver Systems & GrandCare                                                            
Senior Journal 
Tech to Help Monitor the Elderly
Technologies Help Adult Children Monitor Aging Parents
The Technology for Monitoring Elderly Relatives
Keeping an Eye on Senior Parents
The New Wave of Home Healthcare
Systems Allow Adult Children To Monitor Parents’ Daily Habits
Tech for Grandparents
Technology: The Cure for Seniors’ Social Isolation?

Promotion Videos
GrandCare Promo Video (1.5 minutes, June 2010)
HomeBase Communication (2 minutes, July 2010)
GrandCare Promo Video (4 minutes, March 2010)

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