Professional Systems

Specifically designed for the needs of professional caregivers, the following systems are flexible and comprehensive.   The general descriptions given below are only the beginning. 

Your local system consultant will integrate a variety of available solutions to perfectly meet your unique business and client base. Whether you are an independent living or assisted living facility, personalized care home, home based care agency or a combination, you will find the perfect solution is now available and surprisingly affordable.  Contact us for a consultation and proposal based on your specifications.

Common Room Kiosk

A centrally located Kiosk in one or more common room is ideal for many facilities, home care centers and caregiving organizations. 

The Kiosk is a hub of activity for residents, with automatic motion alert capabilities stretching wirelessly to nearby bedrooms, bathrooms, additional community rooms and nurses stations.

With the touch of a finger, large touchscreen buttons allow each resident to view pictures, messages, videos and email from friends and family around the globe. 

No computer or technical know-how is involved, and even shaky hands find this system easy to use!

After showing off their latest pics from the grandkids, its time for brain strengthening games, trivia or perhaps some interactive cognitive exercises!

Wireless, blue-tooth enabled blood pressure & scaleNearby is a station equipped with wireless blood pressure cuffs in a variety of sizes, a bluetooth enabled weight scale and other health indicator devices.  Residents take their stats (alone or with help from staff), and the data is automatically added to your system.  Goodbye, data entry!

A variety of sensors trigger automatic alerts

Meanwhile, a variety of daily living sensors in nearby rooms trigger automatic alerts for staff.  Choose what you want to know, who should be notified and if the alert should be delivered via phone, text or email. 



Example notifications may include:

  • Getting out of bed
  • Not getting out of bed
  • Taking an unusual amount of time in the restroom
  • Visit the restroom more that 4 times at night
  • Leave their bedroom during quiet hours
  • Forget to leave their room for lunch
  • Forget or refuse to access food
  • Remain in their chair for more than 3 hours
  • Have no movement in their room for more than 4 hours


Mobile Touchscreen “Trillibit”

Mobile Touchscreen for professional caregiversProfessional caregivers making rounds may bring their mobile touchscreen from room to room. 

Using either an actual keyboard or virtual, touchscreen keyboard, care notes can be easily entered and automatically recorded in your database.  Reference the community schedule, shift schedule or meal guide, as well.

Perhaps a small cart carrying a wireless blood pressure monitor, cuffs and a bluetooth enabled weight scale accompanies you.  Data gathered through these devices is also uploaded automatically to the system.

Do your residents need a reason to smile on occasion?  Pull up family pictures and sweet messages from their family and friends, direct to your mobile touchscreen.  Access daily trivia or spiritual messages, fun YouTube videos or any of countless resources at your fingertips.

The features and functionality of Caregiver Systems are comprehensive and flexible.  Contact us today to discuss your unique business!

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