Jean’s Story


Carol and Jean as caregiver and independent loved-one

Read about Jean and her experience with our technology, or watch her interview with CBS.  (“Nana Technology”).

Jean is a sharp and active 80 year old woman living down the street from her daughter in Daytona Beach.  When not walking down the beach, growing orchids or baking bread, she’s online conducting genealogical research or surfing the web. 

 A few years ago Jean developed a disorder which causes occasional night time seizures.  When her seizures occur she experiences a period of disorientation, wandering and confusion.

Daughter Carol is very concerned about this disoriented state, and Jean’s physicians recommended that she move to an assisted living facility.  Jean felt strongly that she didn’t want to leave her home; however, as brave as she was, she too was nervous about being alone.

Jean found our systems.  Now, Carol gets a phone call if Jean begins to wander inside her home or walks out the door.  Then Carol goes over to stay until Jean is normal again.  Carol will also get a call if Jean pushes one of the call buttons or even if it gets too hot or cold in the home.

Jean has two sons and several grandchildren living out of town.  Since GrandCare is also a communication system, they all can log-in and send pictures and messages similar to an email or text.

For Jean, the best thing is that Carol has the freedom to live her own life and that she can stop calling so often!  Jean’s blood pressure has gone down and she has a renewed sense of confidence.

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